An Upcoming Beard Of Great Goodness


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I have been severely underwhelmed by the E3 trailer of Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve always been an opponent of trailers or advertisements that feature little to no gameplay footage and this trailer does just that. To make matters worse the gameplay that is featured looks flashy and candied, not my taste in an RPG. The menus in the battles look very reminiscent of The Last Remnant, which I also didn’t care for, and the overall feel of the game seems to echo Square Enix’s new approach to games: style over substance. The one bright spot in this soon to be mess (at least to my eyes) is this guy->

His name is Sazh Katzroy (!?) and he’s one of the main characters. I can’t say much else for him or his role but man, check out that slick goatee, not to mention the afro. That’s a cool looking guy. Also the last time they had a cool black guy in a Final Fantasy it was 1997. So, hats off to Sazh’s beard.

P.S. His coolness in-game is utterly canceled out by this guy. Ugh, even his beard sucks.


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